By Bidhu Joseph

Addiction has historically been associated with substance abuse. However, since the early 20th century, addiction seems to be associated more with technology dependency. Technology addiction has led to numerous health hazards resulting from a sedentary lifestyle- vision impediment, injuries, and deaths resulting from multitasking, infections resulting from non-stop device usage irrespective of the place of use, stunted social development, sleep deprivation, etc. Family life is ever so changing and challenging and so are the roles played by working mothers and fathers. Striking a work family-life balance has definitely become a challenge.

My husband and I decided that we would not be getting our children’s phones. They are currently the only members of their class that does not have a phone. Our family comprises of myself, my husband, our two daughters and my Dad and Mom. We have been residents of Brookwood Manor since 2014 and residents of Gwinnett County prior. Our daughters- Abigail (14) and Ashley (11) were born and raised in Georgia

However, we hail from a 2nd generation immigrant Asian family. Raising our children has definitely not been a walk in the park especially when our children are torn between two cultures. This is where my parents come into play, taking on a role to emotionally and physically strengthen their growth and development. The sacrifices they make could well be forgotten in time. However, it is our belief that they will have a special seat reserved in heaven for the sacrifices they continue to make.

My dad, a retired Commander from the Indian Navy, and my mom a homemaker migrated to the US when our first child- Abigail was born. They use their years of wisdom in raising our children right. While many kids are hooked on devices, our kids are hooked on books. When many kids communicate through texts, ours communicate through human interaction. When kids are glued to their televisions, ours remain outdoors.  As many would call it, they do things old school and often at are being singled out by their peers. We reward good behavior through nights out, building puzzles, Legos, reading books, travel and family time. We keep TV time in moderation. This hasn’t been easy to accomplish but rest be assured, we’re doing everything it takes to raise fine young human beings!