I met Maurice while stationed at Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska.  We were two young Airmen, just 20 years old when Maurice tried to be cute and pretend to bump into my car. We fell in love and married a year later.  We have five beautiful children together and yes, they are all ours together. It’s funny because when you have a large family, people will invite you to things and then ask “Are you bringing “ALL THE ROSS FAMILY”’ lol.  I usually respond with something silly like “No, just our favorites.”

Maurice currently works for the Department of Veteran Affairs as the Division Chief of Acquisitions.  He takes care of all the medical requirements at our regional VA Hospitals ensuring that our local veterans get the care they need.  He has a Master’s Degree in Procurement and loves providing the contracts necessary to make sure those that served have everything they need to have their health care needs met.

I currently work as an administrative assistant for the President of Delta Material Services. I retired from the Air Force after 21 years of service in November of 2014 as a Master Sergeant and I was a stay at home mom for 5 years.  My hats off to all the stay at home moms who have this job full time. It is the hardest job I have ever had and I was stationed in Afghanistan. Trying to keep a clean house with kids in it is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos.  My background is in the Hotel Restaurant Management as well as Instructing mid-level leaders in the Air Force on leadership and management and Military Theory and Science.

Maurice and I love to not only dance Salsa, Merengue and Bachata, but we also love to teach it.  All of our children know how to as well and they love it! As a family, we like to sing karaoke and have dance-offs on Facebook Live! Between you and me, I always win! Lol. Maurice and the boys love to watch Broncos football and they remain die-hard fans no matter how terrible they are that year.

Maurice Jr. (22) is currently learning the ins and outs of producing music. He is making his own way in the music industry and he goes by the name Melodyc. Alliciah (19) is following her dream in cosmetology.  She hopes to become a makeup artist to the stars and open her own salon right here in Atlanta. She has been doing my hair and makeup since she was just 2 years old! Darius (13) loves to play basketball and hopes to become the next Kawhi Leonard. Miah (7) is my athlete.  She loves to do gymnastics and play soccer and she is really good at both. Ariah (5) is my dancer. This girl will have dance-offs with strangers in public places and she marches to the beat of her own drum.

We have a 2-year-old part pit part lab named Rossco (because he’s a Ross) and a three-year-old all white long-haired cat named Mr. Kitty Kat Ross, (Miah named him when we brought him home, she was only 3.) Darius hates the cat’s name but it’s too late now, the cat answers to his name.  Rossco and Kitty Ross are best friends. We ask Rossco “Where’s Kitty?” He will run all over looking for him until he finds him and then we say “Get that Kitty” and the two of them wrestle around the house.

We live in Waterford Township Subdivision and we moved here in June from The Montclair Subdivision.  We love to entertain and the new house has amazing space for it. We moved here from San Antonio in 2015 after we visited my mother and sister in law here the year before.  We fell in love with the hometown feeling that Snellville had and we look forward to many more years here.

We have been very fortunate to live in amazing neighborhoods where everyone gets together to celebrate holidays and each other’s successes.  Right now I am the Girl Scout Troop Leader along  a few other moms here in the Brookwood area. Our girls love being girl scouts.  I love getting together with our neighbors and planning gatherings for fellowship and fun.

When we first moved here, we didn’t know anyone. Because we were a military family, we always had someone or someplace to go to be around people during the holidays. It was so hard for us during the holidays because most people here have their extended families to celebrate with. I would challenge my neighbors to try to invite new neighbors to their homes during those times to ensure they never feel alone.  Holidays are meant to be shared.  Our motto is to live life #likeaross- life to the fullest.