Hello Brookwood Community! Welcome to Haney Airways, our crew consists of Captain Joshua (33), Co-Captain Jennifer (36), Lead Flight Attendant Raegan (8), and Attendants in Training Jolie (2) and Jensen (5 months). Also onboard are our fur family passengers Standard Poodles Roman and Russian (1). Sit back and relax as we take you on our family journey.
Our first stop is Fayetteville, Ga, a small town south of Atlanta where Joshua was born and raised. Joshua is the son of “8-time Mr. Olympia” Lee Haney. Although his father was a well known Atlanta Icon, Joshua lived a pretty normal life. He was a star player at his high school (Sandy Creek), went on to play collegiate football, and eventually played football in Bolzano, Italy. If you happen to ride past our home you may notice a big light blue flag above our door. That’s because one of his biggest accomplishments includes graduating from the prestigious The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina, where he received his BS in Business Administration. After working in his family business for years, he chose to pursue a career in Information Technology where he is currently a Project Manager with MAG Aerospace. He also is the Event Promoter/Coordinator for the “Lee Haney Games” which is a NPC National Qualifying Bodybuilding show hosted annually in Atlanta, GA.
Our second stop is Norfolk, Va, a town on the East Coast off of the Chesapeake Bay where I was born and raised. I attended Old Dominion University where I received my BS in Psychology. While in college, I started a career with Delta Airlines, which later allowed me the opportunity to relocate to Georgia after graduating. I wear so many hats other than being the Co-captain of our family that I often forget which one is on. Besides working for an amazing Airline for the last 18yrs, I am also a local Realtor in the Atlanta metro area, and in my spare time I love all things DIY. Both careers have allotted me the opportunity to travel the world meeting and assisting people of all backgrounds.
Joshua and I met in 2011 through a mutual friend and over the first few years we casually kept in contact. It wasn’t until fate had us reunite in an airport over a 10 hour flight delay, where I say was the first time I saw him as more than “a friend”. After dating for a few years we married in 2017. The theme of our wedding was “Love is in the Air” and over the years we have adopted this idea into our family motto. We try to respect each other’s love language and express our love to each other daily through positivity, consideration, and compassion. After marrying we decided to grow our family. We have our 8 yr old Raegan who loves art and dancing, our fiesty 2 yrs old Jolie who is a ball of energy and loves the outdoors, and lastly our baby girl Jensen born during Covid. Our growing family led us to our last stop.
Our final destination is Lawrenceville, Ga, where we have been residing in the Flowers Crossing at the Mills subdivision since 2019. From the time we entered the neighborhood without even seeing the home we knew this would be where we landed and raised our growing family. We were so impressed with how quiet and well-maintained the homes were in the neighborhood. Some of our main desires were the Brookwood school cluster and the convenience of shopping and entertainment. Flowers crossing checked all the boxes. Although we were only in our home 6 months before COVID-19 we were able to get a little involved in the community. Our daughter Raegan swims for the Mighty Marlins neighborhood swim team and has played two seasons of softball for the local team. While Joshua is assisting in coaching the softball team, I served on the PTA at Craig Elementary for a year. We are members at Peace Baptist Church in Decatur, GA, but looking for a closer church home. We love to visit the local parks and take strolls with our pups. We also enjoy all of the events our neighborhood offers. Just when we thought Covid 19 would stop the fun, it showed how creative we really were. Events like drive-by graduations, car parades, Christmas light displays, and some of the best Halloween decorations made 2020 not seem so bad.
It’s been our pleasure, sharing with you our journey! We are excited to get more involved and meet each of you in passing in the near future. Remember to stay safe and let’s stick together as a community