Hi Brookwood Community! Let us first start with our love story. Brian and I began our journey in Atlanta, GA where we met in 2010. We dated, married, and traveled by 2013. We then purchased our first home in Gwinnett in 2013. We have been passionate about the Gwinnett community, serving at church and volunteering with school systems to restore paint and landscaping.

As we continued to grow so did our family. Our amazing and full-of-energy family includes Carson (6) and Blake (4). Our boys were born on the same day, just 2 years apart, same time, and the same room. How cool! What are the chances of that; According to researchers, the calculated probability is a little less than 1: 500,000 for a family with two children who are not twins. I guess that makes us a special family. If you share this in common, now you know the probability.

I guess you can tell by now, that I have a thing with research and numbers. This is a great transition in our careers. I am a trained Scientist. I graduated with a Biology degree and started a career as a Health Scientist. Currently, I am in medical sales, an entrepreneur, and a Natural with Natasha lifestyle blogger. As a family we love STEM. Brian has accomplished a degree in Computer Science, has owned a business, and was a VP of a software company. He has an enthusiasm for customer success and enjoys seeing products develop and exceed customer expectations. Brian is currently a Customer Success Manager with a company in Atlanta specifically helping service-based business software.

We moved to the Brookwood community in 2018 because we wanted a community that aligned with our values, fun, and an active environment. On our first day of moving into Flowers Crossing at the Mill, we were welcomed with warm smiles. We absolutely love our community and the neighbors around us. We have collected many memories, some of the highlights include the super spooky houses around Halloween, seeing people walk and run throughout the year, the Santa parade, and Christmas decorations. Even recently, with the pandemic, we felt very supported. Carson has started Kindergarten in a different way but with the Kindergarten parade Craig Elementary school put together, he really did get pumped to start school. All the events make a difference, and we love being involved.

With our drive to get involved Carson and Blake started a group called CB PROJECT. CB PROJECT is a group of kids and parents interested in giving back to the community and sharing new kids’ activities. Some events we have hosted were virtual LEGO build, card making for Snellville nursing homes, and parades.

Something special about our family is we are foodies. Even the kids will try anything once. We enjoy supporting local restaurants and small businesses. We are very thankful for the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you.  Our family motto is “Be the BEST you, you CAN BE” which is totally congruent with what we have found in the Brookwood district.