The vision of Helping Mamas is to be the baby supply bank of metro Atlanta and beyond. Helping Mamas provides costly and much-needed baby supplies to organizations serving families in need in order to provide a safe and healthy environment for babies to thrive. Helping Mamas was founded in 2014 by two moms, one who also happens to be a Brookwood Bronco, who are also social workers and nonprofit professionals. With a combined 30 years of experience, they put their heads together to find a solution. As social workers, they were serving women who desperately needed diapers but couldn’t afford them, used plastic grocery bags when they ran out of diapers, and put their beloved children in the wrong sized car seat because that is all they had. They also saw that all of the services and resources they were trying to deliver to these clients were wasted until their most basic needs were met. It is impossible to give job training or financial literacy skills to a mother who is reusing dirty diapers on her baby. The worry, stress, and anxiety about her child overshadow everything else.  Out of this passion for service and motherhood, Helping Mamas was formed. They connect agencies that serve families in need of baby supplies. In a short time, they have grown to serve 50 partner organizations and served over 6,000 children. In 2017 alone, over 15,000 individuals were served and more than 275,000 diapers were distributed. If you would like to get involved or help, go to