Digital Learning: Parent Rescue

Parent Rescue sees the need of the Gwinnett County School Parents to fill dual roles: dedicated employee and newly-appointed home teacher. As part of the public school system, you are required to have your kids involved in digital learning this year. Yet, some parents still need to travel to work or work from home and do not foresee managing both work and their kids’ schooling well. That’s where Parent Rescue comes in. We will match up your child with a digital learning mentor in your area. This Digital Learning Mentor will come to a Host Family (near you) to assist 6 kids (including your child) in logging in to their digital learning lessons.


How Can WE Serve You?

Digital Learning Mentors

Would you be willing to have a paid position to facilitate 5-6 kids as a Digital Learning Mentor during the school year for 5-6 hours/day? This is a creative way to service the parents of digital learners. 

Parent Requests

Are you stressed about your new role as teacher facilitator of your digital learner? Do you need to go into work or focus on your work at home? You can request your child to be paired up with a Digital Learning Mentor?

Facebook Community

Why navigate this digital learning process alone? We are connecting Gwinnett County Parents together to walk through this school year together. This is your child’s village.

Our vision

We believe we can creatively meet the need of qualified professionals who need to find extra income. Simultaneously, we will connect those professionals with parents who are looking for assistance in facilitating their children’s digital learning. Parents will be free to work outside of the home, as needed. With us, your child will still receive digital learning instruction in a social-distanced home environment, while still providing a familiar school setting of their peers. Let Parent Rescue take away your concern regarding this upcoming school year!


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WE'd love to hear from you!

Are you stressed about digital learning? Are you needing extra income? Either way, we'd love to be your trusted resource to service those needs. Please get in touch and let's connect!