Written By Sabrina Robertson

The Alton C. Crews Middle School Chorus continues to reach students across the Brookwood community.   The Brookwood cluster choral program has grown with over 250 students performing in the sixth, seventh, and eighth grade chorus.  Sabrina Robertson is the proud choral director and first began leading the Crews choral program in 2014.

Pictured below is an event hosted by the Crews Chorus parent committee in August 2021.  The Chorus Family Night event was inspired by annual Spirit Night events that started in 2015.  The outdoor Chorus Family Night event in Alexander Park gave an opportunity for chorus families to social distance and “get connected at Crews”, which is a school- wide initiative to help every child make intentional connections in middle school and beyond.

Chorus students at Crews Middle School give voice to excellence throughout themed seasonal programs that focus on songs from around the world and songs that highlight moments in history.  Dare to be the positive difference is a phrase frequently used in the Chorus classroom.  The class phrase is meant to challenge every student to do their best and be an inspiration wherever they go.  Martin Luther said it best, “As long as we live, there is never enough singing.”