Many people thought since school was back in session, the real estate market would cool off a bit. That is definitely not the case. Here are 2 things that are fueling the tight market:

1. Low Interest Rates Continue- Interest rates continue to hover around the high 2’s, low 3’s for 30 year money depending on credit. This makes a huge difference on on your monthly payment.  We are even seeing invest interest rates for investment properties fall into the low to mid 3 percent range with 25% down and 4 percent range with 20 percent down.

2. Lack of Inventory:  The U.S. needs 1 million homes a year to be built.  During the downturn, that did not happen thus contributing to the supply and demand issue that we are currently seeing. Even at this point, in the midst of a full recovery, we are still not at the million mark. That is even more strained with the supply line interruptions due to COVID. Many builder are delaying sales until the homes go into the drywall stage before setting price, still further discouraging those from selling.

Buy Before you Sell

For a 1 to 2.75% fee, you can go ahead an secure your next home before you sell.  Here’s how it works:

1. Get prequalified. Even if the lender says you have to sell before you buy, still submit the preapproval and our investor will step in with a cash offer on your behalf.

2. Find your dream home- and our investors will make a cash offer on your behalf.

3. Get n accepted offer and list your home.

4. Close on your new home- if you existing home hasn’t sold yet, then you will rent the home for no more than 6 months back from the investor until your home sells.

It is that easy. Win for you and your pocket book when you sell for top dollar.  For more information on how to buy before you sell or other real estate questions, contact Jamie Parker at 404-483-7816.